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Asexual PRIDE Band - Petite

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Asexual Pride Flag: Asexuality is a lack of interest in sexual activity; and some asexuals do not experience attraction in a sexual context. The flag was created in 2010, and the colours symbolize: black for asexuality as a whole, gray for gray asexuality* and demisexuality**, white for sexuality, and purple for community. 


*’gray asexuality’ is defined as those who experience sexuality infrequently or only under specific circumstances

**demisexuality is defined a no sexual attraction unless there is a strong emotional bond


Asexual Pride Band - Petite Size

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Nancy R.
United States United States

As soon as the Asexual flags came out I contacted Badali about getting the Pride ring with those colors. They were amazing. Put together a mockup for me to see ahead of time, and it came out just perfect. The craftsmanship is superb, the colors are amazing. Just the right size for my tine hands. I am happy beyond words to be able to wear this, it means more than I can say.

Mirzslot Asexual PRIDE Band - Petite Review